Get Ready to Gobble Up Nutri Ventures!

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Ring the dinner bell because it’s time for a spoonful of animated entertainment that’s good for kids!
NUTRI VENTURES  is a unique new animated TV series filled with comedy, adventure and action, and tells a rich story about a world in which all nutritional food has been banished.  Theo, the 10-year-old main character, begins a quest that takes him to seven faraway kingdoms where real food remains. After attracting huge audiences internationallyNUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS makes its US debut on*!

The series also garnered the first-ever agreement between the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), the nationwide nonprofit organization chaired by First Lady Michelle Obama, and an animated series, making the action-packed, adventure-fueled NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS available for free to all U.S. public school systems. Under the agreement, Nutri Ventures Corp. will also donate a percentage of net profits from sales of licensed products in the U.S. , to PHA to help strengthen and expand its nutrition-education programs.

Check out this embedable slideshow of the characters!

About NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMSNUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS follows the daring journey of heroic Theo, Lena , Ben and Little Nina, who have never known food – only Genex 100, the synthetic creation of the nefarious and ultra-rich Alex Grand.  But Theo learns the truth about real food and its importance, and sets off on a quest to discover seven kingdoms where real food remains and bring nutrition back to their world.  As they journey, Theo, Lena, Ben and Little Nina – accompanied by their adorable furry friend Guga – gain Nutri-Powers , the benefit of food exaggerated as a super power, and band together to rescue the seven kingdoms and defeat Alex Grand.

As NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS debuts on Hulu, kids can become their own Nutri-Heroes online with the Nutri Ventures Virtual World at  Parents and educators can also visit the site to discover ways to teach children about the importance of nutrition and nutritional habits.


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